GALGUS - 4 reasons to invest in your company WiFi network

4 reasons to invest in your company WiFi network

If you occupy a position of responsibility in your company, you should know that an optimized WiFi network can offer much more than an internet connection. In fact, it clearly influences your company’s economy. A successful company must take care of all the details and this is an important one. Would you like to know why? In this article, we give you 4 reasons.

We need to get past the idea that a WiFi network is only used to connect to the internet. An optimized WiFi network can affect very positively in business figures.

The network should be considered as an investment by companies managers in their strategies. This will bring a return in benefits and productivity and can bring new opportunities for the company. In this article, you have 4 reasons that will definitely convince you.

Why invest in your company network?

1.- Take connectivity to the highest levels

In an increasingly digitized world, having an efficient, fast and robust network has become essential for successful companies. This doesn’t only happen in offices and headquarters because the work is also getting more and more delocalized.

In this situation, workers need to get the best out of the network, no matter where they are. For example, when they are in the airport, working as they wait for their flight to departure.

Whether in the office or not, having an optimal internet connection will make you much more productive. How has WiFi technology evolved to achieve this?

This is where the Software-Defined WiFi paradigm comes into play. Through it, the network is optimized in real-time and automatically, managing parameters such as:

  • Radio resource allocation.
  • Power.
  • Channels.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Load balancing.
  • Intelligent and predictive roaming.
  • Traffic management.

Software-Defined WiFi keeps hardware and software separate, making all access points collaborate, rather than competing with each other. In addition, it allows cloud management of network resources.

With this, the network managers can optimize it, controlling key parameters with geographical and time independence. In this way, they will act quickly in the event of any issue.

2.- Protect your network from malicious attacks

Do you know how much a cyber attack can cost your company? As published by Hiscox, the average cost for Spanish companies of a cyberattack is over 66,800 euros.

WiFi networks are a critical point in the strengthening of the company cybersecurity. So, it’s convenient to follow a series of guidelines (those responsible for maintaining a safe business environment should know about them). Especially now that cyberattacks are getting more common.

To these cybersecurity keys for corporate WiFi networks, we must add software solutions that allow locating and identifying cyberattacks, in order to mitigate or eliminate their effects.

3.- Save infrastructure costs

When a company deploy or upgrade its network infrastructure, it is also convenient to consider options that give the maximum financial benefit. One of them is to extend the lifetime of the hardware already installed as long as possible.

Having separated software and hardware means that updates incorporate the new functionalities demanded by the access points. This way, obsolescence is significantly reduced.

On the other hand, the software and hardware separation opens up the supply of available access points. You will be able to choose the ones that best suit your needs and budget, without having to purchase the most expensive ones.

This also eliminates the dependency on a single access point manufacturer. You will no longer have any issue if there are irregularities in the usual supply of these devices.

In addition, if you are in the design phase of a network, there is software that allows you to capture its coverage on a map. This way, from the first moment, you will lay the foundations for a network to match and avoid subsequent rectifications and added expense.

4.- Know the behaviour of users and clients

WiFi networks do much more than providing a high-quality and secure connection for every scenario, you can also get valuable data for business development out of them.

One of the data that companies appreciate the most is the location of their network users. In enclosed spaces, it’s very useful to control capacity.

In addition, business managers will know the customers’ movements inside their establishments. In this way, they will be able to optimize their material and human resources depending on the hours of maximum and minimum influx or the areas with more and less concurrence.

Of course, it’s also highly valuable data for marketing and commercial strategies. For example, in a store, a promotional product could be placed in the busiest aisle. All this without the need to install additional devices or having issues protecting the privacy of each user.

As you may have seen, taking advantage of all the benefits of the network involves the use of appropriate software. From Galgus we offer you a complete suite of applications that work through our CHT technology (Cognitive Hotspot Technology).

Using CHT you will take advantage of software-defined WiFi, giving your access points a boost and a long life. In addition to protecting your network, you will manage it remotely through Cloud Manager and obtain behavioural data from its users. Do you want to check it out yourself? Ask us for a free demo.

Do you want to check it out yourself? Ask us for a free demo.

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