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With Galgus, you can deploy robust, safe, and affordable WiFi networks with advanced analytics

Why Galgus?


A single WiFi network for everything. Galgus is the trusted solution for dozens of companies that want to get the most out of their WiFi networks, providing a safe and high-quality service while obtaining information on the behavior of their users and visitors. In addition, all this, comfortably managed from Cloud Manager, our cloud platform.

Unleash your full WiFi networks potential

Galgus democratizes access to WiFi networks with advanced capabilities for system integrators and service providers. Automatic network optimization (proactive load balancing, radio resource maximization, etc.), unified management from the cloud, contextual analytics (heat maps, people counting, location, etc.), and advanced security (WPA3 Enterprise, Passpoint, detection and mitigation of hacker attacks, etc.).

You will be able to deploy more WiFi projects with Galgus technology, thanks to our flexible solution that covers all the needs of your communications network. You, alongside hundreds of other Galgus clients, will win more WiFi projects, obtaining the highest scores in the technical and economic sections, and achieve higher margins.

Galgus technology is present in offices, retail, hotels, luxury resorts, stations, congress centers, football stadiums, schools, towns and cities, airplanes, trains, buses, etc. We adapt to any particular environment and situation so your network gives the best service for all your users.

Galgus designs, develop, verifies, and tests its WiFi solution from Spain, which follows a philosophy defined by software. This allows us to deploy new advanced functionalities based on the needs of our clients, using software, both on new and already deployed WiFi networks (we combat obsolescence).

Multiply your business connectivity

Galgus has the solutions you need to enjoy a fast, stable and secure Internet connection, no matter what work environment you have. Tell us your case and we will advise you.

How can we help you?


Deploy robust, secure, and affordable WiFi networks with advanced analytics.

What do we do?


We provide you with everything you need to deploy your WiFi network in any environment, with a range of advanced functionalities available for any budget. Our team is constantly developing new modules to make life easier for system integrators, service providers, and network administrators.

Unified management from the cloud

Thanks to our Cloud Manager you will be able to configure, update, monitor, diagnose and solve network problems comfortably from anywhere. You can view all your projects from a comfortable and unified management center, and connect our solution with your systems (or third parties) through our REST API.

Automatic network optimization

Enjoy faster and more robust Internet access with our CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology). CHT software is present in all our APs so your network is automatically optimized using machine learning algorithms, without the need for a centralized controller, allowing scalability and stability.

Advanced analytics

Get real-time data (and historical) about users, both their network metrics (signal quality, traffic patterns), and behavior in your facilities. Count people, generate heat maps (whether they are connected to the network or not) and locate your users at all times. All of this using the same WiFi infrastructure, mitigating the distortion caused by modern random MACs, and without disturbing your visitors with apps installs or required permissions.

Case Studies


Galgus technology solves connectivity problems in any environment: from an airplane to a small cafe, to luxury resorts, schools, or football stadiums. We estimate that every day more than 1 million users enjoy our networks. Here are some success stories in different scenarios:

Connected Towns and Cities

Connected Towns and Cities

Galgus, together with its partner Telefonica, has deployed its APs in more than 40 towns and cities throughout Spain, serving high-quality WiFi to a population of more than 1 million people. These deployments help to mitigate the phenomenon known as "la España vaciada" (emptied Spain in English), as well as to connect rural areas as well as providing free Internet access for residents and visitors in large cities.

Train Stations

Train Stations

Galgus has been chosen, through its partner Comfica, as the WiFi solution for the Northeast AVE stations, including Barcelona Sants and Lleida. Galgus obtained the highest qualification in the technical and economic areas on this selection process. With hundreds of APs deployed by ADIF managed stations our technology will provide security, robustness, and maneuverability to WiFi networks.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

Some of the most exclusive luxury resorts in Spain have implemented Galgus technology. A good example is Barceló Sancti Petri having more than 300 high-quality access points, also providing analytics, heat maps, location, people counting, as well as maximum security to avoid hacker attacks.



Galgus, in collaboration with Telefonica, has several success stories in schools and educational centers. We offer quality Internet access to students and teachers, with special attention to multimedia traffic. In addition, we provide contextual analytics to control the flow of people and crowds in corridors, classrooms, and courtyards.



Galgus technology is present in more than 1,400 aircraft flying around the world, from Brazil to the Philippines. Galgus software unleashes the full hardware potential of our partner in the aeronautical industry (Miltope), to provide high-quality video via WiFi to airplanes' interactive displays.



Galgus APs optimize dozens of UK trains network in real-time, thanks to our partner Icomera. More than 300 rail cars are powered by our technology, providing quality Internet access for travelers and cloud ease of management to network administrators.

What do they say about us?


Galgus Academy

Do you want to know all the secrets to get the most out of your WiFi connection?

About Us


Galgus team is made up of business, technical, and management experts.

Born in 2013, we firmly believe in innovating and exporting cutting-edge technology from Andalusia to clients all around the world.

Not surprisingly, 91% of our turnover went from abroad in 2019. At Galgus, we are experts in WiFi, this is why we are able to help you get all your telecommunications projects value.

We have 5 national and international patents, a highly qualified team of engineers, technicians, researchers, and business experts, as well as several of the most advanced WiFi verification laboratories in Europe.

"Can-do" attitude

We like challenges. Galgus listen to the needs and challenges of the market to provide solutions.

Lifelong learning

Galgus' team of engineers and researchers is continually looking for ways to turn disruptive ideas into tangible products and services.

Customer-focus mindset

All Galgus actions are focused on adding value to our clients so that they can be more competitive.

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Advanced WiFi functionalities

Galgus Awards

We are very grateful that our efforts to help companies and administrations to improve the quality and security of their internet connections are recognized by various national and international institutions.

We are proud members of the Wi-Fi Alliance and we have the CERTIFIED Passpoint seal, which guarantees maximum security and interoperability.

Gartner names and features Galgus in Market Guide as one of the world's leading providers of Location Analytics technology.



You will find all the news from the world of telecommunications, in general, and Galgus, in particular, in our Blog. Enjoy it!

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