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CHT - Cognitive Hotspot Technology

Distributed intelligence that maximizes network performance.

CHT - Cognitive Hotspot Technology


The heart of all our APs is CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), Galgus’ distributed intelligence software that transforms each access point into an agent that monitors its environment and shares information with the rest of nodes so that they can collectively make the best decisions for a smooth network operation (interference and noise reduction, traffic patterns, user density, etc.) without the need for human intervention.

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Enjoy automatic network optimization in all our APs, as well as additional functionalities such as cloud management, in-depth analytics or advanced security for all your users.

Without centralized or cloud controller


CHT provides the network with an unprecedented capability to scale since the intelligence is embedded in each of its nodes without any of them ruling over the rest. Galgus APs work as a whole, synergistically seeking to guarantee the maximum possible performance even for the weakest user signals.

CHT allows the network owner to save in expensive centralized controllers, also avoiding bottlenecks, communication delays, and critical points of failure.

A network that maximizes the available resources


CHT brings together multiple functionalities that work tirelessly to get the best out of your WiFi network.
  • Smart Roaming, for a seamless transition between different zones.
  • Automatic Channel and Bandwidth Assignment, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the best channels and bandwidths for each situation
  • Proactive Load Balancing, which balances the load in real-time based on demand, even before congestion in the radios occurs.
  • Prebalancing, which controls the fair and equitable association of users to available radios.
  • Smart Mesh, whenever APs need to interconnect via radio, protecting the network stability against external interferences and re-routing traffic when necessary.
  • Traffic control, in charge of monitoring and limiting the abuse of upload and download traffic by some devices.
  • Automatic Power Control, which minimizes radiation and energy consumption while keeping interference throughout the network as low as possible.
  • Airtime Fairness, ensuring that slow devices do not saturate other users.

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