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WiFi 6 is now available in Galgus equipments

The WiFi 6 or WiFi 802.11 ax equipment, the new standard of the Wi-Fi Alliance, finally arrives at Galgus. After months of work to incorporate CHT, our intelligence software distributed to the products, they have seen the light and the first products have already been sent to our customers. What benefits will they enjoy with these? We tell you the most relevant.

What is WiFi 6 and what news does it bring?

WiFi 6 is the newest step in the evolution of this technology. Launched in 2020 by the Wi-Fi Alliance, this version features attractive features, such as:

  • Division of its channels into different subchannels.
  • Bidirectional MU-MIMO modulation (Multi-User Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output).
  • Higher connection speed.
  • Reduction of interference between access points that work on a specific channel.
  • Energy saving of network infrastructure devices.
  • Greater protection of connections.

If you want to know more in depth all the qualities of WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E, we encourage you to read our article: 2021, more speed and less interference thanks to the arrival of WiFi 6E networks.

What are the advantages of incorporating WiFi 6 equipment into your wireless network?

Perhaps the most notable of these new features is that WiFi 6 incorporates a new type of modulation, which allows it to get the most out of the network by sending more information in the same bandwidth.

This is especially interesting in scenarios with a high density of connections to a WiFi network, where this new standard is expected to increase the average throughput per user by 4 times compared to the previous standard (WiFi 5).

Situations where we want to connect many devices to the network, not only users, but also smart devices, are becoming more and more common. Without going any further, who hasn’t used Alexa, Smart TVs, smart boards, or even home appliances that incorporate WiFi? And this need is becoming even greater in business and industry.

Thus, the real value of WiFi 6 lies in the increased efficiency and maintenance of connections even when the network is heavily congested, resulting in an overall improvement in the user experience in such situations.

Galgus and the incorporation of WiFi 6 

With this new standard and Galgus’ CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), which is precisely geared towards optimising the potential of your WiFi network, you will be fully prepared to join the digital age.

Galgus’ proposal is based on two versions of equipment:

  • One 2×2, which will cover most scenarios.
  • Another 4×4, for situations with very high user and traffic density.

In both indoor and outdoor versions.

Thus, by purchasing our equipment and our CHT software, your environment will have everything it needs to provide your WiFi network users with a quality connection that meets their requirements.

To get a more in-depth knowledge of our products and to be able to purchase them easily, please visit our online shop. And, of course, if you have any questions about them, you can always contact us so that we can answer them as quickly as possible.