Galgus & Netoip partnership

Netoip and Galgus take Italian WiFi connectivity to the next level

Galgus has strengthened its commitment to the Italian market by signing a partnership agreement with the telecommunications company Netoip, one of the most important telecommunications operators in the current offer of the transalpine country.

We start the year with good news. We are moving forward in our international expansion, specifically taking a new step in the Italian market. This has consisted in the formalization of a partnership agreement with Netoip.

This new collaboration has led to new opportunities in the Italian market with new deployments of Galgus WiFi technology in one of the largest shopping centers in Italy, the Parco Meraville, the first large commercial area in which Galgus will operate in the country, where it also has several projects under development in the educational, industrial and tourism sectors.

With this partnership, Netoip and Galgus are also joining forces to offer free public Internet connection in several Italian localities through the European WiFi4EU program. This will promote the economic, demographic and social growth of these regions, which will provide high-level WiFi in places such as squares, libraries, offices, parks, museums and health centers.

Netoip: New strategic partner established in Italy in the telecommunications sector

Netoip is an Italian telecommunications company founded in 2009 to bring VPN and VoIP connections to professional environments, reducing and stabilizing network latency times and increasing network performance. Thanks to its good work and results, it has been generating new and important partnerships with Italian companies and expanding its services to telephony, reaching mobile telephony.

Currently, Netoip’s offer includes:

  • Internet connectivity.
  • Creation and implementation of complex corporate networks.
  • Fixed telephony in VoIP and virtual switchboards.
  • Mobile telephony.
  • Deployment of networks in educational centers.
  • IoT services.
  • Connectivity in events.
  • Power supply.

Netoip has consolidated its position in Italy, with prestigious clients and partners in a wide variety of sectors, such as automotive, radio and television, alternative energies and other connectivity and fixed telephony companies, among others.

About Galgus

Galgus develops advanced WiFi connectivity solutions for high-demand and complex scenarios. Its patented CHT® (Cognitive Hotspot Technology) provides WIFI networks with distributed intelligence without the need for a centralized controller.

In addition, through its Location Analytics platform, it allows to obtain valuable contextual data, such as those related to the geolocated behavior of people in the network’s area of influence. Thanks to this feature, it has been internationally recognized by independent consulting firms, such as Gartner. 

With this partnership, Galgus continues to be one of the reference firms in the enterprise world, whose international projects and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it one of the most important global companies to be reckoned with.