Galgus y Gartner Location Analytics

Galgus, recognized by Gartner as a referent in Location Analytics

We are glad to announce that Galgus has been included in the Market Guide for Indoor Location Application Platforms, which is published annually by the prestigious international consultancy Gartner. We are part of a select group formed by only 25 companies in the world.

The interconnected world gives companies more opportunities to extract value from what happens within and around them. An example of this is the advantages that can be achieved by observing the behaviours of customers and the target audience of a company by using geolocation.

Gartner experts know about these advantages and have selected us as one of the leading developers and distributors of Indoor Location technology in the world after studying our technologies and solutions.

The analysts who made this guide did it with the purpose to recommend the best solutions for the study of people geolocation in different environments.

Gartner also highlights the importance of Location Analytics and the protection of personal data for corporations. So, besides reflecting the most advanced companies developing this technology, they offer a detailed market study.

Gartner is one of the most important and prestigious technology consulting companies in the world. It’s present in more than 100 countries and serves more than 14,000 companies and clients.

Gartner highlights our disruptive technology as different from the rest of the industry, as we focus on the fundamental problem of WiFi analytics instead of looking the other way. It is well known that modern smartphones randomise (fake) their unique identifier (the MAC address) precisely to avoid counting and location services. It would be like a car continuously faking its number plate to avoid being tracked. In this context, traditional WiFi analytics providers resign themselves to having totally distorted and therefore useless analytics: they could be counting 1000 devices, or none at all, where actually there are exactly 53 devices.

Galgus Location Analytics, in its ambition to unleash the full value of WiFi networks, proposes a ground-breaking solution protected by 4 international patents: we are able to reverse, to a large extent, the distortion introduced by random MACs, obtaining much more robust and reliable metrics with a higher refresh rate (minutes instead of hours or days). This makes it possible to build security, surveillance, marketing or logistics services that are much closer to reality, providing the network owner with veracity, control and governance. And all of this in compliance with data protection regulations.

This recognition gives us a new impulse to continue improving the features of our Location Analytics solution. With our solutions, you can give even more value to your WiFi network infrastructure, both in real-time and using historical records. All this is included in our Cloud Manager platform, focused on cloud management of the network.

Would you like to know more about and how it adjusts to the needs of your environment? Contact us and let’s talk about it in detail.

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