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Cloud Manager

Manage, Configure, Monitor, Upgrade and Troubleshoot all your APs in the field with our Cloud Manager.

Cloud Manager is an intuitive platform to remotely manage all your WiFi networks. Configure and analyse the performance of all your APs and their connected clients, no matter if they are deployed in different physical locations. Draw coverage maps and extract device capabilities to gather the best information from your users.


Remote management

Detailed access to several WiFi networks from a single place.

Network configuration

Change radio parameters, create SSIDs, and define VLANs at your discretion.

Decentralized and multiplatform

Let your technical staff access from anywhere: their laptops, their tablets, and even their smartphones.

Simple and fast update

Upgrade the firmware of all your APs to the newest version of CHT with a single click.

In-depth analytics

Collect data from user behavior and capabilities, network status and traffic patterns, real-time alerts, and more.

Heatmap estimation

Draw your coverage maps with the real-world radio parameters by just dragging your APs to the map of the building.