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Maximizing Wireless

CHT enables WiFi devices to become intelligent fulfilling their
potential capabilities and automatically taking real-time decisions
to optimise the wireless performance for every connected user.


CHT is a multiplatform, hardware-agnostic, embedded software that is installed on a myriad of WiFi devices. A well known fact is that vertical markets such as aircraft, rails, hospitality or enterprise do not have the same hardware and specifications. You decide the AP or wireless router that satisfies your specific requirements, and CHT release its true potential with a simple software upgrade. Additionally, you can select the license that best suits your needs.


CHT galvanizes your WiFi network. APs and routers intelligently measure, share and optimise radio resource. All this is achieved without the need for a central controller.

WiFi devices are aware of their surroundings making joint decisions to best improve performance. There is not a single point of failure and next to no delay in the decision making process. A simple, scalable and affordable solution!

Self optimized

At Galgus, we make use of Artificial Intelligence methods in order to automatically optimise radio and logic resources.

CHT algorithms work jointly to maximise in real-time the overall performance of all your WiFi devices.

Enable your WiFi device with CHT and enjoy advanced features such as self-configuration and self-healing. Systems admins need not perform complex setups, but can, still, via CHT Cloud Manager Platform, gather network statistics to develop a better understanding of their networks.