Galgus has been selected by Facebook to help reducing the digital divide

We have great news to tell you about! We have been selected to participate in the “Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity” program. After a tough selection process, with more than 400 companies applying, Facebook chose our company to improve connectivity and reduce the digital divide in the Americas.

Being able to connect to the internet has become more important than ever nowadays. We need it to work, study, communicate with our loved ones, and to spend leisure time from the tranquility of our home.

Although connectivity seems to be very well established all around the globe, there are still areas where getting internet connection is a challenge.

2020 reached 4,388 internet users, according to the Digital Study 2020 published by We Are Social and Hootsuite. This represents a 59% of the world population and a previous year growth of 7%.

Although these are encouraging figures and show an optimistic trend, it is important to continue innovating and providing internet solutions to stay on the right track. That is why leading technology companies such as Facebook and the Masschallenge network are helping startups grow, launching the Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program.


This program is taking place over 12 weeks, culminating on February 21, 2021. Throughout this period of time, we will enjoy the following benefits:

Individual mentoring with experts with a wide and successful technological background behind.
Possibility of establishing networking relationships with potential clients, partners, and investors.
Training activities designed for developing skills like product development, business culture and fund financing.

Possibility of creating links with Facebook after the program is completed.

At Galgus we are 200% motivated to take full advantage of our participation in this Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity: “It is incredible that organizations like Facebook and Masschallenge notice your company, and being able to learn from them is just priceless”, states José González, CEO of Galgus.

We never doubted when we got the opportunity to apply: “It is a program that fits very well into our business culture since there are many projects in which we have sought to reduce the digital divide and connect the “non-connected” ones. A good example would be the WiFi4EU project, where we deployed our technology in various rural areas, serving around 250,000 people”, says José González.

A new and exciting opportunity to continue working so that you can connect with whoever you want, from wherever you want, whenever you want, and with the speed and quality you need.

We will inform you of our evolution in the program in the upcoming months. In the meantime, remember we can help you take the next step when connecting around!
Tell us about your needs and we will propose the solution you really deserve.

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