WiFiciency project reduces testing times by 400%.

Galgus has been developing, together with the University of Seville team, new functionalities for its WiFi product in order to deploy it in offices, trains, hotels, smart cities, schools, etc.

The testing and verification of each new release of their software product involves many weeks of manual testing, and that is why thanks to the WiFiciency project we have been developing automation scripts that allow us to accelerate the go-to-market, win more projects and access more customers.

During the last months we have focused on verifying the correct functioning of the main algorithms and functionalities of the product, reducing from 4 days to 1 day the usual testing cycles. Thanks to this, two fundamental things are achieved:

  • Make more development-verification iterations in less time.
  • Bring to market a more robust, reliable and secure product.

Project WiFiciency is supported by:

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