The WiFiciency Project starts its second year!

The WiFiciency project, whose objective is the development of new software functionalities for the Galgus product, has started its second year with focus on the automation of verification and testing processes.

For this purpose, the API developed in the Galgus Test Center will be used, in order to be able to send executive orders to both clients and APs in the Galgus labs. The API will also be used to collect the results, and scripts will be developed to visualize and verify the correct execution of the tests.

We have started by automating the testing of the most critical algorithms, considering the time taken to run them manually and the opportunity cost of spending time automating their execution:

  • Pre-balancing.
  • CHT – Cognitive Hotspot Technology.
  • Dynamic VLANs.
  • Automatic Channel Assignment.

Project WiFiciency is supported by:

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