The PTQ-15-07692 project is progressing favorably in its second year

The project PTQ-15-07692, funded by the Spanish Government’s Torres Quevedo grant, has successfully completed its second year.

In this second year, the researcher has deepened in the new 802.11ax standard, which in the coming months will lead to commercial products under the brand “WiFi 6”. So much so that as a result of this effort has been published the first book in the world entirely dedicated to the 802.11ax standard, under the title “802.11ax: The Hyperconnected World and the Next Generation WiFi”.

In addition, several SDR (Software-Defined Radios) devices have been acquired to implement re-configurable communications systems even down to the PHY layer. Small systems for simulation with real transmission and reception have been built, and in the coming months the complexity of the system will be increased in order to test new algorithms.

During the third (and last) year, the open research lines will be deepened, bringing the development closer to the real laboratory prototype.

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