Shortlisted for the WBA 2019 Awards

Galgus has been shortlisted for the Wireless Broadband Alliance 2019 Awards. The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony taking place at the Wireless Global Congress on Monday, 30 September 2019 at The Westin Grand Frankfurt, which will bring the industry’s leading players together for the most spectacular and important moments of the year and celebrate all that is great in the wireless industry.

Among the six possible categories which are: “Best WiFi Network Operator Award”, “Best WiFi Network Technology Award”, “Best In-Home WiFi Network Award”, “Best Enterprise WiFi Network Award”, “Best WiFi for Social Impact Award” and “Best WiFi Innovation Award”, Galgus submitted his candidacy to the “Best Enterprise WiFi Network Award” category.

Galgus’ candidacy is based on the world’s first Software-Defined WiFi for wireless networks, that the Spanish company has been working on for several months. The Software-Defined WiFi paradigm proposes the independence of the software from the hardware, allowing the network owner to choose the Access Points (APs) that best fit his needs and budget, and then install Cognitive HotspotTM Technology (CHT) to unleash all the potential. Thanks to this, a commodity AP becomes an enterprise-grade AP with a simple software update of less than 1 minute.

Galgus’ CEO, Jose Gonzalez underlined the importance of being shortlisted to this award: “Being there is an award itself. The rest of the shortlisted at the different categories are big players in our industry”, adding that “we believe in the Software-Defined WIFi as the future for the enterprise wireless networks, where a high level of simplicity and cost-effectiveness are needed today”

From Galgus we wish the best of luck to all shortlisted companies and we cross our fingers hoping to be lucky next September 30 in Frankfurt

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