Runners-up of the WiFi-Now Awards 2019!

Galgus was declared as Runners-Up of the WiFi-Now 2019 Awards at the ceremony that took place yesterday at the WiFi World Congress International Expo & Conference celebrated at the ILEC Conference Center in London.

Among the eight possible categories which are: “Best Service Provider WiFi Solution”, “Best Enterprise WiFi Solution”, “Best WiFi IoT Product”, “Best In-home WiFi Product”, “Best WiFi Service Provider”, “Best WiFi Startup”, “Best WiFi Innovation” and “WiFi NOW Affordable Connectivity Award”, Galgus has been declared Runners-Up for the “Best Service Provider WiFi Solution” category.

Galgus’ candidacy was based on the world’s first Software-Defined WiFi for wireless networks, that the Spanish company has been working on for several months. The Software-Defined WiFi paradigm proposes the independence of the software from the hardware, allowing the network owner to choose the Access Points (APs) that best fit his needs and budget, and then install Cognitive HotspotTM Technology (CHT) to unleash all the potential. Thanks to this, a commodity AP becomes an enterprise-grade AP with a simple software update of less than 1 minute.

Galgus’ CEO, Jose Gonzalez, at the end of the ceremony pointed-out: “Firstly I would like to congratulate winners Qubercomm, they are doing great!, for us being shortlisted was a prize itself, competition was very hard and a lot of big names of the industry didn’t arrive so far!, so we are happy enough… but we’ll try again soon!

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