#OnTour: all around the world!

Washington D.C., Atlanta, London, Singapore, Bangkok… next weeks are going to be quite busy for the Galgus Team as we will attend and exhibit in several congresses and trade shows. We are on the move again! Will we be able to meet you at any of these places?

Fasten your seat belts!…

By mid-May we will attend WiFi-Now USA in Washington DC. At this event we will not just meet industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and experts from across the global Wi-Fi industry, but we will enjoy three days of networking and knowledge sharing.

Later, by the third week of May, we will attend one of our favorites events, The Wireless Broadband Alliance Congress in Atlanta (USA). Back in 2017, we were awarded at the “Best Industrial Wireless Service Innovation” category at their congress held in New York City.

At the beginning of June we will attend Train Communications Systems 2019 in London. Organized by BWCS, this event focuses directly on the problems of putting WiFi onto trains. There, we will be able to meet with rail operators, OEMs, system integrators, technology specialists, etc. and discuss about our solutions for the industry.

Finally, by mid-June and as part of a business mission sponsored by the European Commission, we will exhibit in Singapore and Thailand. In the first one we will exhibit at NXTAsia 2019. This event is a trade show that spurs digital enterprise transformation. Within Asia, the event showcases the most comprehensive international array of disruptive technologies and solutions of the future.

So, we’re ready to accumulate miles and bring our technology around the world. If you are planning to attend any of these events and you are interested in meeting us to discover our WiFi network optimization software, just write us and email to sales@galgus.net and we will arrange a slot to meet with you!

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