Galgus, new member of the WiFi Alliance

  • WiFi Alliance is a global organization in which the main players related to this wireless technology participate, whether they are operators, hardware manufacturers, or software developers.
  • It is also the benchmark certifier for WiFi technology, having completed more than 50,000 certifications since 2000. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ seal of approval designates those products capable of offering a user experience according to their expectations of WiFi connectivity.
  • For Galgus, this membership is a recognition of its technology – patented in Europe and the USA -, that is used daily by more than a million people around the world and, in addition, it’s an endorsement for its WiFi4EU projects: the European Commission’s plan to provide WiFi connectivity to municipalities throughout Europe. A project in which Galgus has already deployed its technology in around twenty locations.

WiFi is the main option to connect to the Internet. Thus, more than half of the Internet traffic is done using this wireless connection technology. A technology that, in these times of pandemic and a new normal, is playing a fundamental role, offering users the possibility of working, studying, and enjoying themselves remotely.

Since last July 1, Galgus is a member of the main international organization for WiFi technology, being one of the few Spanish companies that have achieved it to date.

The WiFi Alliance ( is responsible for leading, developing, and adopting the standards agreed by the WiFi industry. To do this, it fosters collaboration between member companies, thus promoting innovation in this field.

WiFi Alliance importance is appreciable when reviewing its list of member companies. Thus, global giants such as Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Nokia, or Samsung; telecommunications operators such as Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, or Orange or manufacturers such as Acer, Logitec or Motorola, are part of this organization.

Galgus CEO and Co-Founder, Jose González, points out that “for our company, having been admitted as members of the WiFi Alliance is a recognition of the development in WiFi technology that we have been making for more than six years. This achievement is comparable to the patents that our products have obtained in the US and Europe”, adding: “This is something that gives not just added value for our brand but also for our clients and society”.

This membership represents a reinforcement in Galgus’s commitment to its consolidation as a reference provider in the European Commission’s WiFi4EU (WiFi for Europe) program. A project, with which the European Union wants to promote WiFi connectivity for citizens in public spaces such as parks, squares, official buildings, libraries, health centers, museums, etc. To achieve this, it has provided a budget of 120 million euros between 2018 and 2020 that will be allocated to the deployment of state-of-the-art WiFi equipment in public life centers.

To date, and within the framework of this pan-European project, Galgus has deployed its WiFi solution in around twenty locations throughout Spain. “It’s great to feel that we are helping to bridge the digital divide in so many places. With digitization, the business, development, and growth opportunities for these towns will undoubtedly grow exponentially”, Gonzalez stressed.

About Galgus:

Galgus is a Spanish Deep-Tech award-winning start-up company highly specialized in research and development of wireless network technologies. Galgus develops and markets a unique and patented WiFi technology that is currently being used by numerous OEMs and system integrators worldwide to deliver high-performing WiFi networks. Galgus’ Cognitive Hotspot™ Technology (CHT) is embedded generic software that makes WiFi networks intelligent and optimizes spectral efficiencies for WiFi routers and Access points (APs).

CHT creates a fully distributed Wi-Fi network, making each AP intelligent. APs with CHT measure key network metrics, exchange them with neighboring APs, and together optimize radio resources in real-time. A WiFi network with CHT is more reliable, better performing, greener, and delivers a flawless QoS (Quality of Service) for every connected user and thing (IoE).

In the last years, Galgus has received extended recognition about WiFi innovations, both nationally and internationally, with numerous and prestigious awards such as:

Galgus has received numerous awards and recognitions, both national and international such as:

  • “Innovation in commercial airline cabins” (jointly with VT Miltope) granted by HMG Aerospace at the Inflight Workshop (Dubai, UAE. Feb.2015).
  • “Entrepreneur XXI Andalusia”, granted by Caixa Bank and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Seville, Spain. Jun.2015)
  • “Alas Awards”, granted by the Andalusian Government (Seville, Spain. Oct.2016)
  • “European Digital Infrastructure Best Scale-Up 2016”, granted by EIT Digital (Stockholm, Sweden. Nov.2016)
  • “Best Industrial Wireless Service Innovation” granted by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) (New York, USA. Nov.2017).
  • “Smart Rail World Innovation Awards” in its “Operational Performance Innovation of the Year” category (Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Apr. 2018)
  • “Alhambra Venture Start-Up Competition” (Granada, Spain. Jul.2018).
  • “In-Flight Connectivity Innovation” award during the APEX Expo (Jointly with VT Miltope and Razor Secure) (Los Angeles, USA, Sep.2019)

Finally, in 2018, Galgus has received the support and recognition of the European Commission with an “SME Instrument Phase 2”, an achievement that positions Galgus in a select group of European companies in which the European Commission divines potential and ambition to become world leaders in its sector of technological specialization.

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