Winners!: Andalusian Telecommunications Awards 2018

At “The Night of Telecommunications”, the Andalusian Association of Telecommunications Engineers, has awarded Galgus in the Entrepreneurship category.

Ericsson, Galgus, and the telecommunications engineer, Jose Antonio Rodriguez Manfredi, have been awarded with the Andalusian Telecommunications Awards that annually gives the Andalusian Association of Telecommunication Engineers. According to the jury, “the winners have in common the work they do to promote innovation and technology development, and its direct and positive impact in different productive sectors”.

The award was collected by Galgus’ CEO, Jose Gonzalez, who was accompanied by Jose Antonio Delgado -CTO and Co-Founder of Galgus- and by another prominent member of the Galgus team, Esteban Castilla.

“This award represents a double satisfaction for our company. On the one hand, Ericsson and Jose Antonio Rodriguez Manfredi -two industry leaders- have also been awarded. Being together with them enhances our award, “said Galgus Head of Marketing, Pedro Garcia Oliva, who added that “In addition, it is a recognition given by our colleagues: professionals who share many of our concerns and who are especially aware of the difficulty of a project such as Galgus is”

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