Galgus and the University of Seville continue teleworking on the WiFiciency project

The current pandemic situation has put the initial plans to test Galgus algorithms in the ETSI labs on hold. Fortunately, the development of the automated Galgus lab will allow us to replicate all the casuistry of devices demanding different types of traffic, restricted access to the network, localization, real-time load balancing, smart roaming, etc.

This would not have been possible without the work developed under the WiFiciency project. Thanks to the automation scripts developed during the second year, we have been able to perform deep test batteries without having to cut development and verification iterations.

As this is a mostly software project, most of the team is teleworking, except for a few members who are in the office to operate the physical devices when needed. Despite this, the objectives are being met without a problem thanks to this new approach of emulating the ETSI classrooms with the automated Galgus lab.

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