Edgewater Wireless Partners with Galgus

Combined Solution will Deliver Never-Before-Seen Capabilities and Performance in High Density WiFi Networks.

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. has announce today that the company is partnering with Galgus to integrate Galgus’ Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT) into Edgewater Wireless multi-channel WiFi3™ Access Points.

Edgewater Wireless Access Points and OEM solutions will benefit by having CHT on board and optimize WiFi spectrum, increase WiFi performance and further reduce the impacts of interference in high density wireless networks. WiFi3™ already delivers the highest channel density WiFi access points and solutions and, with Galgus’ CHT technology, will supercharge WiFi3™ capabilities for network operators with Multi-channel Client & Multi-channel Band Steering, enhanced Load Balancing (across concurrent channels and access points), and next level security with policy-based client authentication.

“Network operators are increasingly asking for and need great hardware that can handle the impacts of interference and capacity in high density and WiFi3™ delivers by enabling multiple, concurrent channels with 3 to 6 channels on just two radios,” said Eric Smith, VP Product with Edgewater Wireless. “In addition to the gains WiFi3™ can bring to an access point solution, Galgus’ CHT technology will deliver even more capability and simply unbeatable performance in high density WiFi networks. This in another world first innovation that could only be achieved by fully integrating WiFi3™ and Cognitive Hotspot Technology.”

Galgus is one of the fastest growing companies in the WiFi industry and recent Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry Award Winner. Since 2014, Galgus has focused on unleashing the power of WiFi and makes WiFi networks intelligent – optimizing spectral efficiencies for WiFi routers and Access points (APs).

“Edgewater Wireless has a unique technology that enables very high concentrated wireless capacity. Where with other brands you would need to deploy 3 APs, Edgewater Wireless consolidates performance with just one AP,” said Jose Gonzalez, CEO of Galgus. “Wireless capacity planning is one of the biggest challenges today and even more so in the coming years. The combined solution of Galgus’ CHT™ and Edgewater’s WiFi3™ allows network operators to be one step ahead in delivering the best performance to their customers and meeting their service demands.”

Edgewater’s WiFi3™ powered technology is the best Wi-Fi solution for carriers, service providers and systems integrators to address the growing problems of interference, capacity and critical mass of users which is stretching WiFi and IOT networks to their breaking point. Edgewater’s patented technology solves the high-density problem while also significantly reducing the equipment investment and operating costs for new network deployments.

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