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Wireless Tests Laboratory

Where magic happens

Research, develope, test, analize, improve.
Our test center is key in the development of tomorrow’s WiFi.
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For in-depth consulting projects

Galgus has a large experience doing in-depth consulting projects on WiFi solutions based on its own Wireless Test Labs, in which you can replicate real scenarios, with high density of users of vertical markets, such as aircraft, rail, ship, hotel, and enterprise.

Hundreds of WiFi devices

Galgus’ laboratory is a fully automatic system designed to reproduce a realistic usage environment in areas with high density of WiFi networks. We have more than 500 network devices, including more than 100 tablets, 400 automated WiFi clients, several Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, and APs (Access Points).

Reports and Analytics

Galgus has designed its own report tool, which automatically collects all the data obtained from the tests and represents it in charts that can be easily understood, speeding up the verification.

Our workflow pursues a high degree of reliability/reproducibility, guaranteeing that the results can be trusted.

Performance and robustness tests

Our different labs contain a full range of automated test rutines and a test report tool that extract multiple wireless KPIs (Key Performance Index) to analyze system performance. They also allows for overnight test setups.

You can run performance test emulating the traffic used in your system such as video and audio streaming test in different environments. In addition, robustness test scripts are suited to stress your system under the most demanding situations.

These tests ensure proper operation of the system under abnormal situations. Different tests scenarios are available such as Radio Scan Test, Client Connection/Disconnection Test, Scan, External Dependencies Test, MAC addressing test, etc.

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