Deployment of Heterogeneous Networks with 5G and WiFi

Galgus & Neutroon participation

Thursday 2 December at 12 pm. CET

Jose Ramón Fernández Naranjo

Jose Ramón Fernández Naranjo

Account executive at Galgus - ESIC Business and Marketing School

Xavier Lleixà

Xavier Lleixà

Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Neutroon

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We bring you a webinar that will help you understand more about the deployment of Heterogeneous Networks with 5G and WiFi.

An event in which we will unravel all the keys to these tools, their benefits and applications, as well as detailing real use cases. Don’t miss it.


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Why have we prepared this session for you?

Because we are in the midst of the 5G network deployment and we want you to know how they work together with WiFi to make your business grow.

Because we want you to clear all your doubts about the business applications of hybrid 5G-WiFi networks.

Because the time has come to differentiate yourself with truly disruptive connectivity solutions and we want to guide you through the process.

Find out all about Heterogeneous Networks

Why should I watch it?

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What will be the main topics that we will cover in the webinar?
Here you have, point by point, the key contents of the session.

  1. Introduction to private 5G networks
  2. Comparison WiFi vs. 5G
  3. Heterogeneous networks advantages
  4. Galgus WiFi Solution
  5. Neutroon & Galgus Heterogeneous Networks Solution

How many days are left?

Thursday 2 December at 12 pm CET



José Ramón Fernández

Account Executive at Galgus

Expert in technological solutions and WiFi connectivity for the development of smart tourism projects.

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Xavier Lleixà

Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Neutroon

Global business leader with international work experience in EMEA, APAC and NA in the technology space. Experience in developing and executing strategies in challenging environments with a high degree of success.

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