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Test center

A complete portable laboratory for running deep stress and stability tests in real-world WiFi infrastructures.

Galgus’ Test Center is a complete hardware and software solution to test, analyse, and diagnose issues on complex WiFi deployments in real-world scenarios. It consists of a set of WiFi devices acting as clients, together with our testing application where the user may configure, run, and analyse results for several types of tests.

It may be used for testing any type of WiFi network, even if CHT is not installed. It is easy to deploy and has an intuitive user interface, although capable of running complex test setups. It has been widely used on real-world pilots in different environments like trains, schools, offices, and hotels.



Establish the SSID, encryption, password and connection method for the clients.

Fully Scalable

You decide the number of clients that you want to deploy to test your WiFi network.


Configure the type of experiment (UDP, various types of TCP, chunk sizes, upload and download, ...).


Analyse the distribution of users and radios, channel selection, and the detailed throughput per client.


Obtain additional information about important network events (alarms, temperature, failures, ...).