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No, deploying more APs will indeed increase congestion in your WiFi network. Shared medium access in WiFi is not synchronized, so several transmitters may collide, losing and retransmitting data packets. This results in an undesired performance drop for all the devices within your network. However, if your APs have CHT installed, radio and logic resources are optimally distributed in real-time, automatically measuring their surroundings and adapting to the specific scenario. Thus, traffic congestion is controlled without supervision, guaranteeing the best performance with minimum hardware even for the most challenging WiFi networks.
No, Galgus focuses on developing its patented Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT), an embedded software which may be installed on a wide variety of WiFi devices, like access points and wireless routers. You decide the hardware that satisfies your demands, and we release its true potential with CHT. However, Galgus has various partners which manufacture WiFi devices for vertical markets, like aircraft, rail industry, or enterprise. Together with our smart software, we may provide the perfect solution even in the most challenging scenario.
It means that, when CHT is installed, every access point in the network is aware of its environment, of the available radio resources, and of the user distribution. Thus, they automatically take joint decisions to optimise the overall WiFi performance, trying to guarantee fairness without a central controller and avoiding single points of failure, delays in the decision-making, or bottlenecks.
Absolutely you can! Although, your APs may only have one radio, CHT algorithms can improve the network performance dramatically. Smart Roaming allows the seamless transition between adjacent zones, while Automatic Power Control and Channel Assignment reduce the overall interference, thus allowing, for wider channels, greater data rates, and less power consumption. This saves time in the design and deployment of networks, as well as offering the ability to adapt to changes in radio environment in real time. Additionally, Traffic Congestion Management allows to set a guaranteed minimum throughput for every connected passenger. This avoids one passenger hogging all bandwidth whilst others struggle to achieve the minimum. It is also possible to locate user devices on a map without any hinderance to their performance. Finally, our Cloud Manager application enables remote control, configuration, updates, monitoring and troubleshooting of all APs with CHT. Software updates, which are very costly (on-site support) in the field, may be done remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.