Galgus solutions for railway businesses

Galgus helps you to excell your passengers expectations throuhg the best WiFi connection.

Galgus technology is present in more than 300 APs on trains, dozens of APs on five Mediterranean cruises, and more than 600 APs on buses.

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Modernize your fleet,
offer the best WiFi and greater efficiency

No matter if it is bus, metro, tram, taxi, train, boat, plane, drones… Robust Internet connectivity. Anywhere and anytime.

The opportunity to make the most of all the time of the trip, to make your trip a productive investment of time. This is what an hyperconnected citizen of any city expects.

If we offer WiFi service in our transport vehicle we will obtain greater benefits for ourselves and greater customer satisfaction.

Why does Galgus provide the best WiFi experience on trains?

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