Versatility and infrastructure cost savings of 50% on projects of any size, nationally and internationally.

With Galgus, network providers like Telefónica can reduce their costs by over half in projects from the implementation of a few AP’s in SMEs, up to deployments in complex environments and smart cities, nationally and internationally.

With Galgus, network service providers (NSPs) can deploy more projects with higher margins


Typically, NSPs only obtain a 5% profit margin, as the majority of the revenue goes to traditional WiFi manufacturers.

This puts them at a crossroads where they have two options: accepting minimal profits in projects where they require maximum performance by installing high-end vendors, or only participating in projects with low-end WiFi vendors without advanced functionalities or added value.

Reduce infrastructure cost and deployment times by 50% with Galgus.


With Galgus, NSPs have it easier than ever before. We offer a wide range of products for each vertical, tailored to the customer’s price and performance needs. This allows them to reduce their acquisition and operation costs (OPEX and CAPEX) by over 50%, multiplying the profitability of their projects exponentially.

The collaboration between Telefónica and Galgus has resulted in a strategic alliance, offering solutions adapted to any environment.

Thus, we deploy from WiFi solutions for small companies and municipalities, to major projects such as the Junta de Andalusia, the biggest WiFi project in Europe, through smart cities where it is necessary location analytics. All of these in both national and international environments, focusing our activity in Spain and LATAM.

Galgus and Telefónica, bringing connectivity to all locations.


The relationship between Telefónica and Galgus covers a huge range of project types, ranging from SME’s to the global enterprises, either through Public Administrations or private customers. Currently, we are also collaborating in the major WiFi project in Europe.

Also we were working with Telefónica in the units specialized in Smart City. Specifically, we have contributed to reducing the digital breach, bringing WiFi to rural areas in the so-called “Empty Spain”. Thus, we have deployed WiFi networks in more than 60 municipalities. In parallel to the projects we are developing in smart cities and STD -Smart Tourist Destinations- like the deployment we are currently implementing in Badajoz.

Versatility is one of the key factors, as we carry out projects ranging from the supply of AP’s and routers to the endowment of location intelligence and the development of captive portals.

Our collaboration with Telefónica is not limited to Spain, we currently have operations and presence in several LATAM countries, such as Colombia and Peru.

Higher Connectivity, Tangible ROI

Discover why NSPs and SIs choose Galgus as their provider and partner in WiFi technologies.

Development of over
300 WiFi projects only with Telefónica.

50% cost reduction.

Versatility From SME's to SmartCities.

More than 2M users around the world.

Optimizing the WiFi network

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