The project WiFiciency is up and running!

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain has awarded in 2018 the consortium formed by Galgus and the University of Seville the WiFiciency project within the call “Retos-Colaboración”. This is a technological innovation project between the Galgus R&D Department and the ACE-TI group of the University of Seville, which aims to develop and test new modules for CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), the embedded software for Galgus WiFi networks. These new modules will explore beyond the state of the art in two main areas:

– The automatic optimization of resources to improve network performance (adaptive load balancing, interference classification, congestion control, anomaly detection…).

– Building value-added functions for the network owner (device location, intrusion detection, user profiling, etc.)

To this end, three Computer or Telecommunications Engineers will be hired to become part of the team. The modules will be based on machine learning and automatic learning, in order to facilitate the deployment and operation of new WiFi networks without human interference. In addition, the improvements achieved may also be installed in networks already deployed with a simple software update. During 2019, a test laboratory will be built at ETSI facilities to test the new modules in a real working environment with real users.  This laboratory will be automated little by little and its management and monitoring can be accessed remotely thanks to our Cloud Manager.

Over the next few months we will be informing both on social networks and in this technical blog of the progress of the project. There will also be a page within the company’s website where the latest news of the WiFiciency project will be summarized.


Project WiFiciency is supported by:

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