Galgus has been shortlisted to the Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network Award with Huawei and Cisco

Galgus is pleased to announce that we are finalists in the WBA Industry Awards, the most important awards in the industry, where we compete with Huawei and Cisco in the category of Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network.

For those of you who follow our career closely, you have seen how we have consistently grown, and being among the finalists for these awards is further proof of this. We are competing with two of the largest companies in the world, Huawei and Cisco, and this is just the beginning.

 The WBA Industry Awards were created to highlight innovation, excellence and achievement in the Wi-Fi industry. It is a great opportunity for companies to demonstrate their excellence and innovation and for the world to see their products. It is also a way to keep companies working together on a daily basis to make the Wi-Fi user experience easier and more efficient.

Many changes are currently taking place at a very fast pace in the industry in this sector, and it is difficult to highlight which ones will be the most efficient. The Wireless Broadband Alliance has therefore created shortlists of the most influential companies, for different categories, including the best WiFi solutions for businesses. Category, in which we are finalists along with Huawei and Cisco.

Among the six possible categories which are: “Best Wi-Fi Network Operator Award”, “Best Wi-Fi Network Technology Award”, “Best In-Home Wi-Fi Network Award”, “Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network Award”, “Best Wi-Fi for Social Impact Award” and “Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award”, Galgus submitted his candidacy to the “Best Enterprise WiFi Network Award” category.

Galgus’ candidacy is based on the world’s first Software-Defined Wi-Fi for wireless networks, that the Spanish company has been working on for several months. The Software-Defined Wi-Fi paradigm proposes the independence of the software from the hardware, allowing the network owner to choose the Access Points (APs) that best fit his needs and budget, and then install Cognitive HotspotTM Technology (CHT) to unleash all the potential. Thanks to this, a commodity AP becomes an enterprise-grade AP with a simple software update of less than 1 minute.

The awards will take place tomorrow, Thursday 29 October 2020 at the Wireless Global Congress, and will consist of a series of webinars dedicated to creating a joint workspace, networking within the industry and gaining new knowledge.

We greatly appreciate our nomination and look forward to making the most of this experience by contributing our knowledge and learning from other companies in the industry.

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