Galgus and Telefonica strategic alliance

.- Telefonica incorporates Galgus’ CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), a multiplatform and hardware-agnostic software that provides intelligence to companies WiFi networks.

.- Telefonica strengthens LAN/WiFi solutions in Spain with more than 4,000 businesses where they manage more than 120,000 WiFi access points with a comprehensive care service model.

Madrid, 19 November 2019.- Galgus, a Spanish-based deep-tech company specialized in the research and development of wireless network technologies, and Telefonica Empresas have reached an agreement to incorporate Galgus WIFI solutions in Telefonica’s connectivity proposal for SMEs, companies and public administrations with the objective to facilitate them the adoption of high performance and cost-optimized WiFi solutions.

Specifically, the technology developed and patented by Galgus to achieve this goal is called CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), a multiplatform and hardware-agnostic software that can be installed in a large number of WiFi access points. CHT provides distributed intelligence to the WiFi network where it is installed, optimizes radio resources automatically and allows the network owner to have advanced services such as device location, heat map generation, hacker detection or cloud management. As a result, networks with CHT improve performance by up to 400%, while reducing interference levels and power consumption.

As highlighted by Galgus’ CEO, José González, “in six years we have worked to consolidate a great team and to develop a technology capable to improve WiFi user experience rates. In addition, our solution makes it easier for the network owner to obtain more value from their installation, while choosing the hardware that best suits their needs. Now, working with Telefonica represents an opportunity to grow as we will be able to access new markets and customers in which this company has great experience and prestige”.

Nowadays, more than 600,000 users use Galgus’ technology every day in such complex and demanding scenarios as means of transportation such as airplanes, trains, buses ships; luxury hotels and resorts, as well as companies, educational centers or sports venues, among others.

Throughout 2019, Galgus Software-Defined WiFi technology has been recognized by the two main associations of the WiFi industry. Thus, in October they were finalist in the Wireless Broadband Alliance awards in Frankfurt (Germany) and, in November, in the WiFi-Now Awards in London (England). It is remarkable that Galgus has been the only Spanish company finalist in both awards, where mainly the shortlisted companies come from Asia and North America.

In this way, Telefónica strengthens its LAN/WiFi portfolio that covers the provision, maintenance and a comprehensive management model of all customer connectivity and consolidates its position as a leader in LAN/WiFi solutions in Spain, with more than 4,000 customers from companies and the management of more than 120,000 WiFi access points.


About Galgus

Galgus is a deep-tech company based in Seville. Its Cognitive Hotspot ™ Technology (CHT) creates a fully distributed WiFi network, which makes each WiFi hotspot smart. Access points with CHT measure key network metrics, exchange that information with nearby access points and, together, optimize radio resources in real time. A WiFi network with CHT is more reliable, offers better performance, is more environmentally friendly and provides impeccable quality of service for all users and connected devices, all at a very competitive cost for the network owner. In addition, it provides advanced services such as device location, heat map generation, hacker detection or cloud management.

About Telefonica Empresas

Telefonica Empresas is the only proposal for companies in the Telefonica group that relies on six major business areas: connectivity, cloud, security, big data, IoT and digital workplace. Under the Telefónica Empresas brand, the capabilities, services and solutions of various Telefónica business units such as Eleven Paths, Acens, Luca, On the Spot, Wayra and Digital Retail are grouped, through a complete commercial offer for both large companies and businesses and for those of medium and small size and also the public sector.


Galgus Press Contact
Pedro García Oliva
Head Of Marketing

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