Galgus on Tour: CableLabs Summer Conference 2017, Colorado

Our company has been the only European one selected to present its WiFi optimization software at the CableLabs Summer Conference, the largest global event of cable operators held in the United States.

Amongst the 100 exhibiting companies, Galgus was selected by UpRamp along with other seven companies to present their products at the CableLabs Summer Conference 2017 in Keystone, Colorado, to nearly eight hundred cable industry representatives whose companies have around 180 million customers worldwide. Six of the companies selected were from North America and one Taiwanese, therefore Galgus was the only Spanish and European company invited to show its technology to those attending the congress.

During his presentation, Galgus’ CEO, Jose Gonzalez, had the opportunity to share with the audience how it is possible to increase the speed of a WiFi network by five and how it is possible to reduce the level of radiation by 84% and the electricity consumption in another 60%. In González’s words, participating in this event “has been an extraordinary opportunity to make Galgus known in a market as demanding as that of the cable and broadband operators”.

Finally, González points out that “it is not only the opportunity to pitch to executives of the highest level, in addition, the possibility of having a small booth and a demonstration area has allowed us to get closer to the specific needs of each operator and so explain how we could help them to achieve a better experience for their customers”.

About CableLabs
CableLabs is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by members of the cable television industry. With a strong focus on innovation, CableLabs develops technologies and specifications for the secure delivery of high-speed data, video, voice and next-generation services. It also offers testing, certification facilities and technical leadership for this industry. At present, it groups 59 cable operators from 35 countries.

About UpRamp
UpRamp is a subsidiary of CableLabs that helps technology startups accelerate by developing products useful for the cable and broadband industries.

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