WiFi Technology to Control Capacity in Urban Buses, Subways and Trains during COVID-19

Galgus technology, patented in the US and Europe, and used daily by more than a million people worldwide can help public transport operators to control capacity in buses, subways, and trains while achieving a better experience for passengers by providing them with WiFi connectivity for their smart devices.

The New Normal era, and the necessity to comply with Social Distancing rules, will be hard to meet by means of transportation in which there’s not any assigned seat for travelers at all. Thus, control of capacity becomes a critical factor to avoid outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Urban buses, trams, subways, and commuter trains are means of transportation where an assigned seat is not offered, even in some of them it is common to see passengers traveling standing.

Galgus’ WiFi technology, already present in bus lines and trains, represents a unique solution, not just for its ability to offer the capacity level in real-time, but for its ability to improve the user experience for travelers by offering them a good Internet service.

Location feature as a key solution.

In every means of transportation in which Galgus’ WiFi technology is deployed, the “Location Analytics” feature collects anonymous information from smart devices on-board, whether they are connected or not to the network.

It is the only solution in the market -patented- capable of locating and -as indicated- counting devices that are connected or not to a WiFi network. That’s key to obtain reliable analytics that responds to the situation in real-time.

User´s privacy is guaranteed as data remains anonymous. Also, it is not necessary to install any mobile apps that will take up space on their devices, neither be connected to the network.

Cloud management as a tool for decision making.

For those responsible for these passenger transportation operators, it means the possibility of accessing a cloud management center, accessible from any location, and with the possibility of being integrated into other applications that might be already being used by the operators.

With this tool, they will be able to locate and count devices that are present in that network. Also, they will be able to visualize them through heatmaps that indicate the density of people in real-time and they will be able to program alerts when a certain occupancy limit is reached.

A long-lasting, effective, and profitable investment.

The pandemic should pass away once an effective vaccine becomes available. Thus, many of the investments made to assure security for passengers will become obsolete. That’s not the case with Galgus technology; therein lies one of the virtues that makes it unique: its usefulness goes far beyond this situation.

Travelers will continuously need to connect their devices to the Internet and transport operators will have a system that they can either monetize or offer as an added value item that improves the user experience for travelers.

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