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Advanced Laboratories

Galgus has four of the most advanced WiFi network testing laboratories in Europe. In addition, we have a portable laboratory (Galgus Test Center) to verify installations wherever it is needed.

Avanced Laboratories


Forget WiFi client simulators: you’ll never know if your infrastructure is ready until you test it with real devices that actually transmit and receive WiFi signals as in a real-life situation.

These in-depth product tests guarantee the correct operation of the system, even in the most complex situations. Our labs allow for advanced settings such as:

  • Encryption and association mode.
  • Customer distribution and number of antennas.
  • Type of experimental setting (UDP, TCP). Chunk size.
  • Upstream and downstream traffic.

You can analyze important metrics to diagnose problems:

  • Client and radio distribution after load balances.
  • Client performance and stability.
  • Alarms showing faults or thermal anomalies.

Our laboratories contain a wide range of automated test routines, where the system can run tests for days or weeks to verify the algorithms and then obtain reports with the results.


Test Center is a portable product for the professional verification of WiFi networks but Galgus also offers its wireless communications expertise for consulting projects.

Test Center


When required to verify deployed WiFi networks in-situ, Galgus has created “Test Center”, a portable laboratory designed to carry out stability, robustness, and performance tests, wherever is needed.

It consists of a set of WiFi devices that act as real clients, along with our test application, where the user can configure, run and analyze the results on programmable sets.

It has been successfully used to test our algorithms in real-life deployments ranging including trains, industry, offices, schools, and hotels. By all means, it can be used to test any type of WiFi network, even non-Galgus ones.

Galgus Labs:
Where the Magic Happens


In the last few years, Galgus labs have served to carry out thousands of tests to verify our technology in the most demanding situations. We currently have more than 400 configurable WiFi devices, as well as dozens of tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android) to explore [expand] the various situations we can encounter and to simulate different user behaviors.

In addition, Galgus has designed its own tool for the automatic execution of complex tests, as well as the display of reports and results, alarms, and settings. This allows us to accelerate the workflow of our verification team enormously, in addition to opening the door to additional test automation via its API.   

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