Galgus’ statement on COVID-19

The growing concern about the COVID-19 pandemic has led Galgus to take measures aimed to provide tranquility and security to our team, suppliers, and clients, as well as to our society.

It’s an exceptional situation that requires equally exceptional measures. From Galgus, we understand that how we relate (both internally and externally) can help to increase or decrease the spread of this disease.

Thus, to the measures recently recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), Galgus has added another of special importance.

From today, March 13, 2020, a large part of our team will work remotely from their homes, thus mitigating the possibility of contagion. This decision will be maintained for two weeks, although it will be reviewed depending on the evolution of COVID-19.

Our suppliers and customers can rest assured that the effort and commitment with them will not wane and will remain intact, both in commercial attention, as well as in supplies and technical support. We will keep on using tools that make it possible to work remotely, as we have been doing regularly.

Finally, we wish a speedy recovery to those affected, as well as showing our condolences to the families of those deceased by CoronaVirus.

We’ll keep on working to offer the best possible WiFi!